CEDN – Developing the Chair and Chief Executive Relationship

CEDN – Developing the Chair and Chief Executive Relationship

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24 January 2022 16:00 – 18:00

The relationship between the chair and chief executive sets the tone for board effectiveness and influences wider organisational culture.  Yet, there is little available advice and guidance on how to develop this critical relationship, enabling both to maintain clear role delineation in a context of trust and mutual support.

This new series of conversations on Developing the Chair/Chief Executive Relationship aims to change that, with this second event building on our first meeting with Elaine Bayliss and Marie Gabriel.  It is offered as part of the developmental support available through the established Chief Executive Development Network and new Chair Development Network.

During the afternoon we will meet an established and respected chief executive and chair to build collective insight from their reflections on working together in East London Foundation Trust:

Marie Gabriel, Independent Chair Designate of NEL Integrated Care System and Navina Evans, Chief Executive, Health Education England

As well as exploring good practice in creating a strong and respectful relationship, we will also consider approaches to addressing the typical tensions and challenges that occur, grounding our work in the interests of colleagues in the room. 

Audience: This session will be open to all chief executives, accountable officers, and Chairs across healthcare organisations.