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Connecting and networks

Connecting and networks

Discussion and development

There are many options to support your leadership challenges through specialist networks, communities and resources. Please select an option below to find out more.

Chief executive development network

Our Chief Executive Development Network has been designed to support you with your development and ensure you are the best you can be in your challenging roles, both for yourself and for patient care. Free membership to this established network for accountable officers and CEOs across health and care includes:   

  • Themed sessions with expert speakers leading to facilitated communities of practice (more information can be found under Action for Change) Facilitated conversations with senior colleagues to inform policy development (Dialogues for Change
  • Access to online resources: 
  • Rest and Restore Spaces
  • Transitions coaching (for newly appointed CEOs) 
  • Online Residentials (previous Residential held on 26 – 27 October 2021, future dates to be announced soon) 

To register your interest to join the CEDN please click the link below

Peer-to-peer Network

There will be a time in every chief executive’s career where you encounter a situation or scenario that you haven’t come across before, and it isn’t clear what the right approach might be. Being able to talk this through with a fellow chief executive who may have encountered a similar situation can be helpful to navigate these circumstances.

A group of NHS chief executives have come together to form an impartial and confidential NHS chief executive peer to peer offer intended to provide individual one on one practical advice through a peer network of chief executives.

What the offer is

  • Confidential, practical advice from a peer chief executive that may have a tackled a similar scenario to the one that you are grappling with
  • Designed and led by a group of peer chief executives and administratively hosted through the NHS Leadership Academy – entirely confidential

What the peer-to-peer network is not

  • The offer is not intended to offer ongoing coaching, mentoring or psychological support. Where additional support is needed, signposting to other offers can be provided.

Guiding principles of the offer

As a network of chief executives providing support to fellow chief executives, we have committed to the following guiding principles:

  • Access to the peer support is entirely confidential
  • All volunteer chief executives providing support will respond to requests for support in a timely and confidential fashion
  • All individuals treated with respect, honesty, and integrity
  • The pool of chief executives are volunteering their time to support colleagues tackling unique challenges so this is peer designed and led

How to access the support

After completing the above expression of interest you will be connected with our external facilitator (chief executive level) who will arrange a time for a confidential conversation to establish the nature of the support you are looking for. Please allow up to seven days for a response.

The external facilitator will draw on the pool of volunteers to connect you with a chief executive who may be able to offer advice. This connection remains confidential and informal.

Becoming a member of the chief executive pool

If you are interested in becoming a member of the pool of chief executives providing support please email [email protected] again, making it clear you wish to contribute your skills and experience to this offer for the benefit of your peers. Please allow up to seven days for a response.

Our external facilitator will be in touch to discuss the support and expectations and to establish the unique and practical advice that you may be able to provide. This conversation will remain confidential until you are connected with a fellow chief executive seeking support.

Rest and Restore Spaces

We have now run eight Common Room style meetings for Chief Executives and Accountable officers. We are now also offering these informal sessions for Chairs.

The Rest and Restore Spaces are 90-minute online network meetings for a maximum of 15 participants at a time. Each confidential session provides the mutual support and psychological safety to stop and reflect. By getting involved you will benefit from connecting with colleagues to compare experiences and have conversations that matter most for your well-being.

To register your interest for one of the future sessions please email [email protected]

Dedicated transition coach 

First time, newly appointed CEOs and accountable officers in Healthcare organisations can have access to a dedicated transition coach who will initially welcome individuals into the network and then to help progress their individual personal learning agenda and shape network events. If you are interested, please e-mail us on [email protected] 

Action for Change for executive directors

If you are an executive director you are invited to join one of our chief executive development network offers, Action for Change. You may be working with catalytic speakers on an important theme for senior leaders in health and care to form facilitated community of practice meetings regularly, to act and learn together.

Non-urgent advice: We’d like your feedback

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