Development programmes

Development programmes

Leadership development and lifelong learning in your area

The leadership and lifelong learning teams in your region (formerly Local Leadership Academies) will support you in navigating the executive leadership offers available.

There are vibrant executive and senior leadership communities across regions and within systems coming together in well-established networks, many made stronger by their experiences during the COVID-19 crisis. New ways of working have been tested and leaders are used to working across multiple organisation and system levels: they have honed their systems leadership skills and have created environments where innovation can flourish.

Regional teams are ideally placed to offer this support, they:

  • Have established relationships within the regions, and are already trusted facilitators in this area
  • Have a deep understanding of the local context at regional and ICS/STP level, enabling interventions to be tailored to ensure they are fit for purpose for the evolving landscape
  • Have knowledge, experience and expertise of the leadership, talent and OD agendas and work closely with the local heads of equality, diversity and Inclusion to ensure work is aligned and connected to maximise impact
  • Have a track record of operating and providing development interventions at an individual, organisational, system and regional level
  • Will be the single point of contact for all leadership development activity resourced through the Leadership and Lifelong Learning function

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