Support in difficult times

Support in difficult times

Access to mentoring and psychological support

Support available

Leading across organisations, systems and geographies can be exhilarating and challenging. Having time to reflect and unpack issues we have been working with is key to improving leadership practice and realising our full potential.

The offers here are a mix of support, mentoring and resources to support you in leading in a sustainable way now and into the future.

Leadership Lives

Here you will find a curated series of personal, authentic reflections from colleagues and leaders across the system, focusing on and sharing their own stories from leading through the last 12 months including the signs that they needed help and where they sought it from. 

Thought leadership and useful resources

A selection of useful resources, thought pieces, and reading around identifying signs of stress, supporting teams and decision making in difficult times will be launched soon.

Leadership Viewpoints

Leadership Viewpoints is a series of short video contributions. Hear from colleagues and peers around their own personal reflections of the importance of looking after your own wellbeing and how to spot where you might need some support.

Wellbeing Guardians

The NHS People Plan 2020-21 sets out an ambition of the introduction of a Wellbeing Guardian in every NHS organisation.  Wellbeing Guardians are likely to be board members who strategically steer and hold an NHS organisation to account for the wellbeing of it’s employees.

Here you can find a range of resources that will support you in developing and introducing the Wellbeing Guardian role across your organisation.