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Workshops, masterclasses and seminars

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The King’s Fund masterclasses

Unlocking partnership potential: creating new possibilities through ICSs 

As the legislation for Integrated Care Systems goes through the associated leadership challenges – and opportunities – come into sharper focus. Leaders across the health and care system are faced with the unrelenting demands of their own organisations coupled with the need to create and refine new models of working in partnership with those beyond, at a neighbourhood, place or wider system level.    

This masterclass series creates space and sheds light on the key considerations for those in executive/senior roles within the NHS, Local Authority and voluntary organisations, wanting to get clearer on the mindset, skillset and behavioural shifts required to: 

  • Notice and balance the tensions of leading an organisation and bringing impactful leadership to a wider system 
  • Build robust and effective partnerships based on a genuinely shared vision 
  • Acknowledge and use power collectively with others to create the conditions for new possibilities to surface, and old patterns to be broken 

Co-hosted by consultants from The King’s Fund, each two-hour masterclasses will include a combination of models and concepts as stimulus for peer-based reflection and discussion alongside practical insight and activities.  

Spaces are limited (Max 40 per session) so please book to secure your place soon.  

Who is this offer for? 

Anyone currently operating in an Executive role or equivalent leading across health and care (CEOs, AOs, Executive Directors, Senior ICS Leads, Chairs, Non- Executive Directors or Lay members) with an interest in System Leadership   

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New perspectives – thought leadership from The King’s Fund

The King’s Fund will write a short thought-piece on the issues arising from the conversations, supplemented with any informing theory.

As a lead into the series Unlocking partnership potential: creating new possibilities through ICSs, The King’s fund have written a thought piece which can be found here.

Previous thought pieces from the series: Learning from Covid-19:

Chief Executive Development Network Action for Change Events

 Action for Change Seminar Series

You may be working with catalytic speakers on an important theme for senior leaders in health and care to form facilitated community of practice meetings regularly, to act and learn together. 

Designed to catalyse collective action for Executive Leaders on current health and care priorities, the offer comprises an expert seminar series which have been supported by half-day action learning sets which will meet three times over six months to translate ideas into practice.  

Recent past seminars

  • The Politics of Leading Integration and Health Inequalities (22 November 2021)
  • Becoming an ICS Lead: Fiona Edwards, Chief Executive of the Frimley Health and Care ICS and Accountable Officer for NHS Frimley CCG and Rob Webster, Chief Executive of South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and West Yorkshire and Harrogate ICS (10 September 2021)
  • Three NHS Chief Executives: Cara Charles-Barks, Chief Executive, Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust, Stacey Hunter, Chief Executive, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, Kevin McNamara, Chief Executive, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (27 May 2021)
  • Sir David Dalton, Provider Collaboratives: New Ways of Working (26 May 2021)
  • Raj Jain, Chief Executive of Northern Care Alliance NHS Group with Local Authority colleagues (23 March 2021).
  • Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, (25 February 2021)
  • Jon Rouse, City Director, City of Stoke on Trent (05 February 2021)
  • Professor Sir Michael Marmot will launch CEDN’s second Action for Change series on Health Inequalities: Leading for Equality (03 March 2021). (Recording of event: Health Inequalities: Leading for equality)

Chief Executive Development Network Themed Sessions

The new webinars offer leadership perspectives from other sectors alongside expert guidance on handling universal leadership challenges.  

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“In Conversation” with Andy Burnham

Back in February 2021, the NHS Leadership Academy launched a new development offer called Action for Change through the Chief Executive Development Network (CEDN) for chief executives, chairs and senior leaders across health and social care. These sessions were designed to catalyse collective action on issues of shared concern through dedicated sessions. Previous sessions welcomed guests such as Jon Rouse, City Director from City of Stoke on Trent, Raj Jain, Chief Executive of Northern Care Alliance NHS Group, and many other insightful leaders to take part in topical discussions. In response to these sessions, we received excellent feedback, which was that the sessions were honest, inspirational, and provoking. 

We are therefore delighted to invite you to the next session where Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester, has once again agreed to join us in a development session as part of our network. 

In this session you will hear from Andy on how he has progressed and implemented changes since February 2021, and what his plans are going forward. You will also be able to do some forward thinking about your role as a senior leader and consider what can be accelerated for 22/23.

Recent past webinars

  • CEDN Online Residential (01 – 02 March 2022)
  • Developing the Chair/Chief Executive Relationship (24 January 2022)
  • Developing your executive team (15 December 2021)
  • Developing your executive team (2 March 2021)
  • Democratic decision making and future generations: Sophie Howe, Commissioner for the Well Being of Future Generations, Welsh Assembly (14 January 2021)

Chief Executive Development Network Dialogue for Change

Dialogues are half-day facilitated conversations, providing the opportunity for mutually influential discussions between Chief Executives and national system leaders. The sessions offer guests the confidential opportunity to describe their thinking and its underlying influences, whilst being open to discussion and debate with members. So, for each session for example, we hope to be able to explore questions such as ‘what have you learned from the last six months and how is that shaping your Policy/Plans/future thinking?’ 

Recent past seminars

The second Dialogue for change was with Julian Kelly, Chief Financial Officer for NHS England & NHS Improvement on 4 November 2021.

Amanda Pritchard pioneered the Network’s first Dialogue that took place on 14 October 2020.

Future dates and speakers will be confirmed soon.  

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