Scale showing pro-active weighing more than re-active

Responses is about how we emotionally react to what is going on around us. Emotions are psychological and biological responses that affect our minds, our bodies, and our motivation.

In her TED Talk, Susan David explains the power of ‘emotional agility’ and challenges the conventional view of emotions as good or bad; positive or negative. When we become more emotionally agile, we are able to understand our emotions as signposts for us about what we value. Here, our emotions offer an opportunity to reflect about what is important and take active steps towards responses that allow us to thrive, be creative and more resilient to what is happening around us.

Taking time to reflect about our responses:

  • What are things that are worrying me that I can do something about?
  • What are the things that are worrying me that are outside of my control and can spend less energy on?
  • Could I do with some extra support to help me think about how I manage my responses to situations I find difficult?
Extra support ideas if needed

• Local coaching and mentoring offers

National wellbeing offer, including access to helplines, self-help apps etc

• Local counselling, therapy or mental health support

5-min Me Space