Courageous Conversations

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Courageous Conversations

What conversations are you feeling apprehensive about having? In this bitesize course, we’re going to look at what makes a conversation courageous and how you can have successful conversations that make a difference. 

Many of us work in the health and care system  because we care about people and work to support them when they are having a difficult time. Most of the time we love it and it is hugely rewarding but other times it can be really difficult work. 

There’s always the pressure of time, resources, and different demands on you. But we also get to work with people at their best and their worst.It is working with people that can often make things hard. Sometimes a courageous conversation is needed but we don’t always have them.  

Find some time and space with a notebook to work through this reflective guide that will encourage you to feel empowered in facing and holding courageous conversations.

Developed by:
NHS Leadership Academy as part of the upcoming Edward Jenner programme version 3.0