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Resources to support implementation

Current Resources to Support Implementation

Resources currently available for organisations to draw on to support the implementation of Health and Wellbeing Conversations include:

Planning and implementation
Training for line managers and facilitators

Equipping NHS managers, supervisors and those with caring responsibilities for NHS people to confidently hold supportive and compassionate mental health and wellbeing conversations, during and beyond COVID-19


Free, online training and materials to support the planned introduction of a Wellness Induction. These materials describe Wellness Inductions for new interim doctors but can be adapted for anyone working in the NHS


Globally recommended, free online training that offers support and guidance on delivering psychosocial care in the immediate aftermath of the emergency event


Free, simple online awareness training for skills to understand the warning signs and how to approach someone who is struggling

First steps towards support for facilitators

To assist in supporting those facilitating Health and Wellbeing conversations. The common rooms are safe and supportive spaces for colleagues to stay mentally well

Example frameworks for a conversation
National offers for individual members of staff in need of extra support

NHS England and NHS Improvement has partnered with Project 5 to make free 1-2-1, confidential support sessions available for our NHS people. Project 5 is led by clinicians and coaches and can link you to professionals with the skills to assist at a time of crisis


  • Support now: People.nhs.uk
  • Staff support line
  • Staff text support
  • Bereavement support line
  • Self-helps apps

Resources to Support Implementation

The next phase of advice will focus more on operational delivery. During September and October we will be working with stakeholders to develop:

  • A guide for staff facilitating the conversation on how to promote, prepare and deliver a good session. This piece also includes:
    • Additional resources and opportunities for peer to peer learning, including how to handle mental health concerns which may emerge during a Health and Wellbeing Conversation
    • Questions and answers for participants on what to expect and how to get the best out of their interaction

NHS England and NHS Improvement is looking to procure a national platform to help individuals and organisations to track their health and wellbeing. While we wait for this, we will share alternative templates for people to capture their wellbeing plans and conversation outcomes.