Personal resilience: An anchor in the unknown

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Personal resilience:

An anchor in the unknown

Personal resilience is the way we cope with challenging and difficult situations in order to overcome them. Simply put, it’s how we personally recover from stress. The good news is that we can become more resilient, even in the most stressful and unpredictable times such as now.

Find some time and space with a notebook to work through this reflective guide that will encourage you to reconnect with your values and manage expectations.

Developed by:
NHS Leadership Academy
as part of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme and revised Edward Jenner programme v3.0 due January 2021

Our ambition is to rapidly develop evidence-based content that we can dynamically enhance over time. To help us, we’d really value your feedback through a short survey at the end of this guide.

Sources: Major incident Clinical Expertise and associated Literature. Specialist Task Force and Clinical Advisors.