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Resources for Balancing Home Schooling and Working

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Balancing home schooling and working

Covid-19 has changed our homes and the way we work and live

Covid-19 has changed our homes and the way we work and live. There are many different circumstances that will bring their own unique challenges.

You may be living alone, in a shared home, with or without children. Each of these will have its own complexities. In this information sheet we focus on those working from home with school aged children. Whilst key workers are permitted to keep their children in school, many have been asked by schools only to use this resource if absolutely necessary; others will have chosen to keep their children at home for other reasons. 

There are many great resources and guidelines out there to support you in juggling your current role, and new role as a home educator! Here, we’ve curated some of them along with some key pointers and tips which may help, especially for those with younger school-aged children.