Team and group dynamics

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Team and group dynamics

Level: Introduction
Duration: 30 minutes
Resources needed: Notebook and pen
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Level: Introduction

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

Resources needed: Notebook and pen

We can easily see that our teams are made up of people and the work people do. But beneath the surface there are other factors at play that impact the healthy functioning of your team.  

Discover what makes for a ‘dysfunctional team’, how social and emotional dynamics influence team members and the group, and understand a team’s needs in order to lead well.

In this short bitesize learning course, we’re going to look at team and group dynamics. 

Find some time and space with a notebook / journal to work through this reflective guide that will help you to recognise and manage some of the influencing factors and group dynamics that contribute to effective teams.

Developed by:
NHS Leadership Academy as part of the upcoming Edward Jenner programme v3.0