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Inspiration Library

Short snippets of learning ranging from videos, podcasts, blogs, links to Ted Talks and much more…

Being a vulnerable leader

This 20-minute Ted Talk by Brene Brown PHD focuses on why vulnerability is important in our work and other aspects of our lives. 

Does inclusion start with privilege?

Where do we start to be truly inclusive as managers? Awareness of your starting point could help. In under 3 minutes, psychologist John Amaechi explains the importance of understanding your personal privilege.

The Executive Suite and my own leadership and lifelong learning reflections

Our director of Leadership and Lifelong Learning Jacqueline Davis shares some of her reflections.

Patient in bed receiving care

Emotional labour

Yvonne Sawbridge talks about what emotional labour is, its challenges and strategies to help support you and your colleagues during challenging times.

How to be inclusive while leading in a fast-moving service

Prerana Issar, the Chief People Officer for the NHS encourages us to consider why leadership is so important during the COVID-19 crisis.

The key components of effective teamworking during the COVID-19 Crisis

In this 5-minute video by Michael West, take some time to consider how to maintain effective team working during the COVID crisis.