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Unlocking partnership potential: creating new possibilities through ICSs – 3 events

Unlocking partnership potential: creating new possibilities through ICSs 

As the legislation for Integrated Care Systems goes through the associated leadership challenges – and opportunities – come into sharper focus. Leaders across the health and care system are faced with the unrelenting demands of their own organisations coupled with the need to create and refine new models of working in partnership with those beyond, at a neighbourhood, place or wider system level.    

This masterclass series creates space and sheds light on the key considerations for those in executive/senior roles within the NHS, Local Authority and voluntary organisations, wanting to get clearer on the mindset, skillset and behavioural shifts required to: 

  • Notice and balance the tensions of leading an organisation and bringing impactful leadership to a wider system 
  • Build robust and effective partnerships based on a genuinely shared vision 
  • Acknowledge and use power collectively with others to create the conditions for new possibilities to surface, and old patterns to be broken 

Co-hosted by consultants from The King’s Fund, each two-hour masterclasses will include a combination of models and concepts as stimulus for peer-based reflection and discussion alongside practical insight and activities.  

Spaces are limited (Max 40 per session) so please book to secure your place soon.  

Who is this offer for? 

Anyone currently operating in an Executive role or equivalent leading across health and care (CEOs, AOs, Executive Directors, Senior ICS Leads, Chairs, Non- Executive Directors or Lay members) with an interest in System Leadership 

How do I book a place? 

Please access the booking form using the link below. The series is best experienced as a whole however each masterclass can also be booked individually.  

Masterclass 1: Systems leadership in practice

This event is fully booked

Wednesday 10 November 2021 – 10.00 – 12.00  

  • We will revisit key thinking about systems and more importantly identify and reflect on the core capabilities. We’ll make time to consider individual priority areas to pay attention to as leaders. 

Masterclass 2: Generating collaborative possibility 

This event is fully booked

Tuesday 15 February 2022 – 10.00 – 12.00 

  • Here we will focus on the behaviours and practices that support meetings and other interactions to be conducive to generating new thinking and action collectively. We’ll identify how we can build shared awareness of how we are engaging in discussion and benefiting from different perspectives. We’ll also consider steps for positively disrupting stuck patterns of communication. 

Masterclass 3: Balancing power and influencing in partnership 

This event is fully booked

Monday 21 March 2022 – 13.30 – 15.30  

  • This final session will consider the complex and nuanced territory of power and genuine partnership as we explore how leaders can create the conditions for sharing power within and beyond meetings in Partnership Boards, for example.