Leadership Academy

#ProjectM #Winterwarmers


Connecting team leaders and managers over winter.

With around 300,000 team leaders and managers across the NHS, we are committed to enable ways to support each other learn, share and stay-well for Winter 2021-22. We know that team leaders and managers across health and care are continuing to deliver extraordinary results recovering services. As well as these achievements, we recognise that there are understandable concerns about what Winter holds. Our hope is that through enabling peers to connect, you will find your strength and shared learning to support you and your teams to continue to deliver amazing things for the NHS. 

What is #WinterWarmers?

Like ‘coffee roulette’ you will be randomly selected to connect with another health and care manager / team leader. You will be invited to self-organise at least one 30-minute call to connect, learn more about each other and have a peer conversation on staying-well and leading-well during Winter.

Once registered, the hope is that you will have up to three conversations up to the end of March 2022. The aim is to help feel less isolated as a team leader and manager and to provide mutual peer-support.

Who is it for?

#ProjectM #WinterWarmers is for any team leader or manager currently working in health and care. Managers and team leaders have told us how valuable it is to make connections outside of their organisation with others in similar roles to them. We know that there is a vast amount of experience and valuable lessons learnt that would help others to learn, develop and thrive.

How do I get involved?

You can register your interest for #WinterWarmers here. You will be asked to provide your name, role, organisation, location and email address*. This will help us to make sure we are able to randomly match you and introduce you to a peer manager or team leader in health and care in the UK.

Tips on making the most of your #WinterWarmers coffee connection:

  1. Email your #WinterWarmers partner to introduce yourself and to set a date and time as soon as possible.
  2. Keep hold of this time and arrive on time.
  3. Prepare to share with your #WinterWarmers partner more about you, your role, your challenges and successes.
  4. Remember, that your #WinterWarmers partner may want time to process the impact of the last year and what they are currently facing for Winter 2021-2. Listening is a key part of connecting.
  5. Take some time to celebrate each other’s strengths.
  6. If your circumstances change and you no longer want to take part, email projectm@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk

If you have not had an email or no longer want to take part, email [email protected]