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Executive Coaching

This coaching offer is available for senior leaders

We can match you with an experienced coach who will work with you to strengthen your leadership by creating space for you to stand back, slow-down and reflect if you want to:

  • appraise your decision-making in the midst of the current crisis
  • find ways to create time and space to consider how to lead the transition into the future state

Providing you with the opportunity to enhance your decision making, to ‘hold steady’ in and through this crisis and to build and maintain personal resilience in order to effectively role-model effective, inclusive and compassionate leadership.

Support will be provided:

  • virtually, for up to a maximum of twelve 45 to 60-minute sessions
  • by experienced Executive Coaches at Unlimited Potential

Please note that as capacity for this offer is limited, priority will be given to those with significant organisational, system or national-level leadership roles.  You will be asked to make a short case for how you meet these criteria and how you, your team and/or patients will benefit from the coaching

Support for newly appointed CEOs

Through the Chief Executive Development Network, Newly appointed CEOS can access a dedicated transition coach. This covers two meetings over the course of twelve months, initially to welcome individuals into the network and then to help progress their individual personal learning agenda and shape network events.

Access to confidential mental wellbeing support through Practitioner Health

As part of the mental health and wellbeing offer for NHS staff, NHS England and NHS Improvement has commissioned Practitioner Health (NHSPH) to deliver a national service for NHS staff for more complex mental health needs whose needs cannot be met through local system-wide mental health and wellbeing hubs that are being established during Winter 2021.

This service is intended to be one part of the support offer to staff and will be linked to each of the local mental health and wellbeing hubs. While we expect that local mental health services will be able to meet the majority of NHS staff’s mental health needs, hubs will be able to refer staff with more complex mental health needs to the national service if needed.

The majority of NHS staff accessing the service will be via referral from local mental health and wellbeing hubs when they are established. However, very senior NHS staff (working at grade 8d or above) are eligible to self-refer to the service as we recognise some senior staff may have confidentiality issues accessing their mental health and wellbeing hub. You can find out how to self-refer to the service and find more information below.

Wellbeing apps

NHS staff have been given free access to a number of wellbeing apps from now until the end of December 2020 to support their mental health and wellbeing. Apps include Sleepio, Daylight, Unmind and Headspace

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