Person with thinking bubble

When we think about ‘Reasoning’ we want to consider our ability to:

  1. Problem solve – being open to finding alternative solutions to situations or problems
  2. Be resourceful – being able to find a variety of ways to overcome difficulties
  3. Anticipate and plan – being aware of alternative ways to manage and having a range of options prepared ahead of time, where possible

When we are able to see set-backs, difficulties or challenges as learning opportunities, we are better able to be creative and more resilient to what is happening around us.

Taking time to reflect about reasoning:

  • How do I react when a plan changes?
  • What do I need to be able to cope better with changes or difficult situations?
  • How can I better plan for a range of outcomes, particularly when situations are important to me
Extra support ideas if needed

National wellbeing offer, including access to helplines, self-help apps etc

• Access to local counselling, therapy or mental health support

5-min Me Space