A group of medical staff standing together

Did you know: your sense of wellbeing is not only impacted by you?

Culture, teamwork and the relationship you have with your line manager are the most protective factors for a positive experience at work and they have a big impact on our personal sense of wellbeing.

This is particularly important to recognise when building relationships with new colleagues, teams and leaders. Our People Plan sets out our commitment to building a compassionate and inclusive culture and this starts with each of us and each of our teams. The aim is to make sure that don’t feel like we have protect ourselves us from the environment around us when we come to work.

Taking time to reflect about your relationships at work:

  • What could my leaders and colleagues do to help me feel safer to share my ideas and opinions in my team?
  • Where do I find support outside my team? Are there staff networks, people within my community or family and friends I connect with?
  • What do I need to enable me to thrive at work?
Extra support ideas if needed

• Your Employee Assistance Programme

• Your Human Resources team and Organisational Development support

Support for leaders