We’ve covered a lot about the relationship between our connections with others and our wellbeing. These are really important to think about when we are taking care of ourselves and maintaining our wellbeing.

Taking time to reflect about the different area’s of our personal health:

Physical health

I.e: our sleep, hydration, exercise and diet habits and other physical health conditions. Rather than trying to overhaul everything at once:

  • Is there one or two simple changes I can make to improve my sleep, hydration, exercise or diet?
  • Could I do with some extra support to manage other areas of my physical wellbeing, including support for quitting smoking or alcohol or substance misuse?

Financial health

  • Is my financial situation causing me concern?
  • What kind of advice or support would help me?


  • How able do I feel to perform in the physical environment at home and work?
  • Can it be adapted and adjusted to take into account my needs?
Extra support ideas if needed

• Your Employee Assistance Programme or Reasonable Adjustments policy

Sleep guide

NHS exercise and diet information

Financial support offer

Health and wellbeing apps that support different individual’s needs

• Specific physical health support, i.e. Diabetes support

• Specific support for different stages of life, i.e. Menopause support