Thinking about diversity

Another important factor to keep in mind is how people experience the same events differently.

8 people's hands in together

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, British writer, Damien Barr highlighted: “We are not all in the same boat. We are all in the same storm. Some are on super-yachts. Some have just the one oar””. 

This idea can be extend beyond the impact of the pandemic and help us to think about how others might experience work and life differently.

The constant stress of working in an environment where we don’t feel valued and respected for who we are can take its toll on people’s health. Dr David Williams from Harvard University highlights an example of this in his work researching the impact of “weathering” on Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

It’s harder to be resilient when you don’t feel safe to be yourself at work. When people are constantly working outside of their “comfort zones” this can create accumulated stress.