Installation guide: Android

This resource is available offline, so if you do not have a current mobile or WiFi connection, it’s still here for you 24/7. Follow these instructions to have it to hand when you, or one of your colleagues, need it.

This example is for the Android platform

People site screenshot on Android Chrome

First of all, browse to on your mobile device. You will see something like this.

Note the three vertical dots on the top right next to the website address. Select these and a menu will appear…

Drop down menu

From the menu, select the ‘Add to Home screen’ option.

Add to home screen

Your device will ask you to confirm – select ‘Add’.

Add to home details

Select ‘Add’ again (if asked) to accept the new icon.

icon on mobile home screen

Then it will appear on your mobile screen “desktop” amongst the other icons as OurNHSPeople.

Web app opening

Tap on the icon to open it. Please wait a few seconds while it loads.

Web app page 1 displayed

The site opens again – note the differences to the upper right: the menu is directly available without the URL address bar. The three dots are no longer visible.

If you have installed it onto your Home screen correctly the application will become a ‘Web App’ and behave like many other apps. The content can be viewed onto your mobile so it’s contents are visible when you are offline, by using the most recent cached copy from when you were last online.

An Apple iOS installation is also available