Staff Networks Board Development Offer

Excellence in empowerment masterclass

Excellence in empowerment masterclass ​

The NHS staff network sponsors’ masterclass is designed to enable current and emerging sponsors, to develop and strengthen the necessary skills to succeed in their role as they support employee networks. The masterclass provides sponsors clarity about their roles and responsibilities. It highlights the leadership behaviours and competencies they need to demonstrate particularly in the areas of transparency and accountability in tackling inequalities experienced by their workforce.

Acting as a source of support, employee networks provide a safe space for members to share their stories, find solace, receive encouragement, and be equipped with tools to support their career progression. Moreover, they can also articulate the lived experiences and everyday subtle forms of discrimination encountered by staff and provide collective challenge to the organisation. However, some networks struggle to find the balance between supporting their members and being a strategic advocate for the organisation.

A senior leader championing the network can provide guidance and insight. In embracing and exercising their authority, senior leaders enable staff networks to play a greater role in influencing decision making and delivering organisational priorities.

Since the 90-minute masterclass offer went live in March 2023, we have offered more than 50 places to senior leaders in the NHS. At the end of each session, everyone who participated said they felt confident in their role as staff network sponsors.

We encourage you to explore the masterclass resources available here.