How to be inclusive while leading in a fast-moving service

Reference: The Kings Fund

The pandemic risks widening some of the health inequalities that we have been working hard to address in the health and care service. But we can be inclusive while also leading a fast-moving service.

Prerana Issar, the Chief People Officer for the NHS encourages us to consider why leadership is so important during the COVID-19 crisis. 

In our leadership at the present time we must highlight importance of inclusive, distributed leadership that gives a platform to the many voices, communities and stakeholders when making decisions.

Leadership will create the psychological safety at all levels and more so during a much higher risk context.

A lot of decisions feel like they need to be taken in the heat of the moment but acting rapidly allows our biases to be emphasised. Take a moment of pause before acting to think what needs to be acted on right now, in the heat of the moment, or what can wait an hour to bring in other perspectives, and what can wait a few days to involve others so that we can improve outcome equality.

Q. Leaders, take a moment to think about these questions; Whose voices are we not hearing? Whose faces are we not seeing? Whose outcomes are we potentially ignoring?

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