Ideas for growth

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The site has been enormously popular as a location to discover new approaches to supporting and developing our staff. So much so that we cannot fit everything on the site menu. Here are details of other initiatives we now provide.

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Executive Suite

Executive Suite

A comprehensive suite of supportive offers and resources for senior and executive leaders in health and care. They are designed to support you to remain a resilient leader, continue to thrive in your role, and set cultures that value the importance of health and wellbeing.  

We know that executives are very busy people with limited time and that you need a lot of flexibility. We have designed these offers with that in mind. 

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Supporting and connecting leaders and managers in health and care. This provides a place and space for team leaders and managers to connect, share and learn together.

Through feedback, contributions and emerging themes we will be releasing new content led by you, for you.

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ICS Development programme

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