V – Values – Recover our wellbeing

Values are not just a nice to have – they are essential in supporting your people’s wellbeing. This video will help you to connect your people to the positive impact they have on the world. 

RECOVER YOUR WELLBEING outlines 7 conversations you can have with your teams. Each topic is evidence-based and can be applied right away to improve the wellbeing in your team.

This video has been shared with the NHS Leadership Academy with the kind permission of A Kind Life whose mission is to spread kindness in healthcare. These short videos give you a taster of A Kind Life’s approach to creating kinder cultures.


Recover outlines seven conversations you can have with your teams. Each topic is evidence based, so simply having these discussions will improve the wellbeing of the team.

The V in Recover stands for values. Studies show the more strongly we feel meaning in our lives, our sense of wellbeing increases too. Knowing we’re living up to our values helps us to feel we’re contributing to something more important than ourselves. It helps us to build a positive sense of self-worth. Actually, this is one of the reasons the ABC of appreciation is so powerful. By describing the benefits, we’re connecting people to the positive impacts they’ve had on the world.

But the opposite is true as well. When we don’t experience our values at work, it harms our wellbeing.

Studies have shown that feeling disconnected from our values can lead to burnout, and this burnout manifests itself through physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. So it’s important to have shared values at work, in your organisation, in your team. But it’s equally important to talk about them to connect values to the work people are actually doing on a day to day basis.

Chatting about this with the team is easy. Each think back over the past week and recall what I call a moment of meaning, a moment where you felt connected with your values or the organisation’s values, or a moment where a colleague was a great role model of values, and it made such a difference, didn’t it? And as managers and leaders, it’s also important to think about your own role in living up to our values, because values are not just a nice to have, they’re essential in supporting your people’s wellbeing.

Could you get a better understanding of your values? Of what they mean to your team? And of how you can be an even better role model of your values?

Having now watched the video, please take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

Q: What key piece of learning will you take from this video?

Q: How will you put your learning back into your professional practice?

Q: How did this video make you feel? 

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  • Having shared values and talking about them at work, discussing moments of value experience and modelling by living up to our values is a way to build team wellness and.

    Very insightful piece!

  • The link between values at work and staying well is helpful and to make sure our team has shared values and connected as a team. I will practice Moments of Meanings.

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