How to be present and authentic online

Digital ways of working have increased during the COVID period. What have we learnt that we can take forward?

Leaders across the health and care system have noted that there have been some challenges of managing teams virtually. John Amaechi’s 3-minute talk reminds team leaders and managers of what is important and shares some tips on how to be authentically present in online meetings.

  1. Take a moment to reflect on your last three virtual meetings. What were you doing during these meetings? What do you think the other members noticed about you?
  2. What small steps could you take to be authentic and present in your next virtual team interaction?
  3. By trying something different, how do you think you or your team may benefit?

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  • This is a really tricky ‘skill’ – If I am speaking directly to someone (virtually), I look at the camera (not at the image on my screen. It’s tricky because I can’t then see their reaction or expressions. It’s really powerful when the person responds – more than likely, they are looking at an image of me on their screen – but I will be looking directly at them (no I’m not, I’m looking directly at the camera).
    It is a skill – the other person presumes that you are thoroughly engaged – but you can’t even see them… it’s a bit strange at first but I think it’s quite powerful.

    Simon Subscriber

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