RECOVER: Bonus 2 – Kindness builds trust

RECOVER YOUR WELLBEING outlines 7 conversations you can have with your teams. Each topic is evidence-based and can be applied right away to improve the wellbeing in your team.

This is the second of three bonus videos that complement those 7 conversations and is titled, ‘Kindness builds trust’

People in high-trust teams have better wellbeing and performance. This video will show you one simple way to build trust in your team…

This video has been shared with the NHS Leadership Academy with the kind permission of A Kind Life whose mission is to spread kindness in healthcare. These short videos give you a taster of A Kind Life’s approach to creating kinder cultures.


So kindness can show up in lots of ways. Sometimes it’s as simple as just being interested in people and hearing them. This pretty diagram here is oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone and the neurotransmitter. It’s called our social hormone because with high levels of oxytocin, we behave in most social ways. Studies show that when we experience kindness, it boosts our oxytocin levels. That builds relationships and improves teamwork. But it does something else, too. Oxytocin builds trust, so kindness boosts oxytocin levels, and that builds trust. And studies show that people in high trust organisations when compared with low trust organisations, reports more energy at work, higher engagement, higher productivity and more satisfaction at work. And along with that, they experience less stress, less burnout and fewer sick days. And all of this just because you choose to be kinder to the people around you at work. 

Having now watched the video, please take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

Q: What key piece of learning will you take from this video?

Q: How will you put your learning back into your professional practice?

Q: How did this video make you feel? 

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