RECOVER: Bonus 3 – ABC of appreciation

RECOVER YOUR WELLBEING outlines 7 conversations you can have with your teams. Each topic is evidence-based and can be applied right away to improve the wellbeing in your team.

This is the third of three bonus videos that complement those 7 conversations and is titled, ‘ABCs of appreciation’

Studies have shown in successful organisations, teams, families and thriving personal relationships they tend to receive 5 times as much positive feedback as critical feedback. Find out how the ABC of appreciation can help you nurture an engaged, productive, happier team…

This video has been shared with the NHS Leadership Academy with the kind permission of A Kind Life whose mission is to spread kindness in healthcare. These short videos give you a taster of A Kind Life’s approach to creating kinder cultures.


Wherever I work, being appreciated at work is consistently in the top three and often the number one driver of having the best day at work people can remember when you can do the amazing work you aspire to. It’s really as simple as that. Someone just seeing and noticing your efforts and saying thanks. But genuine appreciation and not just swanning into the room and saying, Oh, you’re all fabulous. Keep up the hard work. That kind of vague stuff is patronising. This is seeing and noticing this specific little things people do and appreciating those. And you know what happens when you appreciate something specific someone has done, it lifts their mood, it builds confidence, and they’re more likely to do it again, which is why appreciation is the number one driver of performance and behaviour change you have at your disposal work, and a home too. When you know what you want to see, and you appreciate it you’ll see more of it. But I tell you one thing. Be careful what you appreciate because you will get more of it. Studies have shown in successful organisations, teams, families and thriving personal relationships. They tend to receive five times as much positive feedback as critical feedback. So let’s practise how to give great, authentic appreciation. We’re introducing a structured approach called the ABC of Appreciation. A stands for action describe a specific thing the person said or did. B is for benefit, the positive impact it had on you or someone else the project the world. C stands for continue, this is the reinforcement. Thanks. Keep it up. Find someone to practise this with right now. Recall a specific example when that person did something, even something small that made a difference. The benefits it gave to you or the group or someone else and ask them to keep doing it because they’re amazing, then ask if they can give you some positive feedback too. 

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5 replies on “RECOVER: Bonus 3 – ABC of appreciation”

  • Its not rocket science but it is such an effective and simple tool to show appreciation and witness the manifest effects

    Anna Subscriber
  • Thanks for the ABC – a great tip – I appreciate that it’s simple to remember – I look forward to seeing more similar tips. Thanks

  • To acknowledge the individual when showing my appreciation and not to be patronising. I will use learning when giving managerial supervision. I feel inspired by the video

    Pam Subscriber
  • The motivation from this video is so helpful in working. Appreciation is most important part for every individual in any field of work. I will apply to get motivation from all who are still doing hard work without having appreciation.

    Nimra Subscriber
  • The ABC of appreciation is a simple tool that could be used both at work and at home.

    David Subscriber

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